About OzHelmets

The collection of information put together here came about because of the confusion amongst riders of what all the laws, rules and regulations stated and how the federal and state rules interacted.

Forum discussions during 2012 were becoming heated and it was clear there was a need for a single location where the basics were put in the simplest manner possible along with links to where the legislation for each state could be accessed to help clear up the confusion and hopefully dispell some of the mis information.

The information on the state rules pages is extracted from the legislation and laid out as closely to the original as possible. In some cases it is necessary to jump to different sections and a dictionary to obtain the definitions and meanings of words and paragraphs. It makes it difficult to research and obtain the true meanings.

In the older state regulations helmet definitions may be stated to be set under "another law of this jurisdiction" These definitions were then set in either a dictionary, other State Acts or the Consumer Affairs legislation for that state which was mirrored from Commonwealth Trade Practices notices and so applied to both sale and use. This is how the system was supposed to operate from the very beginning of regulation. A fact sadly forgotten by many regulators.

Nothing on any of the pages should be mis construed as giving legal advise, all pages are simply putting the facts of what rules and regulations state. Always cross check with the latest state legislation and consult a solicitor.

Updates and corrections are done periodically when time permits so there may be a lag between when a regulation in a state changes and the updates appearing here. Where a change has been gazetted there are occasions the change is not immediately obvious due to wording of gazette entries or gazetting of a summary list only, possibly at times as a State Government would prefer it slipped through unnoticed.

The information is presented as is, discussion of content or meaning will not be entered into, discussions of that order are best done on forums where any rider can join in and put forward a different point of view.

Links to updates in legislation and gazette entries are of interest and would be appreciated. Any historical information such as discussion papers, media articles etc would also be of interest to complete the picture.